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Bridget Pervalle left her native Virginia home in 2012 to start a new life with her family among the tumbleweeds of Texas after leaving an abusive marriage.  Sadly, on October 15, 2018, her life changed forever when her youngest daughter, Jessica, a junior in high school, died in a tragic accident with her best friend and her best friend's mother.  Bridget took her grief over two years to write Sweet Buttercup, a memoir of pain, sorrow, love, and missed discussions of the other realities that mothers suffer.


Bridget started acting in 2005 after decades of fear and doubting her self-worth. However, on set, Bridget discovered she belonged behind the camera to write and direct influential and controversial stories to bring people together.  Her stories are combating injustices, racism, and religious hypocrisy and educating the world of hidden African historical figures. She is currently working on a book to help abused women.


Bridget majored in Religion and has taken her love of people and her passion to the screen. As a woman of color, Bridget knows her purpose is to share stories of beauty and elegance to diverse audiences across generations, cultures, languages, ethnicity, and faiths to be a small part of the change.  She grew up not knowing her DNA included Northern Europe and is on  a journey to develop European classic plays and books into adaptations to an African world, 


Bridget wrote her first feature in 2017 - 2018, Glory News, and plans to reshoot it because her knowledge and experience as a Screenwriter and Director have grown. Bridget is currently working on her MA in Screenwriting in residence at the prestigious Birkbeck, University of London.  Her last day of studies is July 6, 2022. 

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