Bridget Pervalle is a Director, Screenwriter, and Actress born on January 26, 1969, in Virginia to Priscilla Bland Brown and the late Charles Gilbert Brown, Sr. who passed away in 2004. Her parents divorced when he was a toddler leaving her mother to raise several children in poverty. Even though Bridget is from humble beginnings she has a huge heart. Her mother was a homemaker and her father worked in construction.  Bridget is a mother of two sons (Jonathan and Justin) and two daughters (Jennifer and Jessica)

Bridget Pervalle loves writing and published her first book in 2008. She knew in her heart of hearts that she wanted to write stories to educate, give hope, make people laugh in painful situations, and draw people closer. Therefore, in 2017 she transitioned to the art of film to share stories of faith.  

Bridget started acting after decades of fear and doubting in 2005 she gained the courage to stop daydreaming and acted on following her 40 years old dream of acting. She remembers growing up watching PBS movies and shows daydreaming of playing roles even though she didn't see African American women on the screen unless they were playing slaves. Roles even she wanted to play, especially when Roots premiered. In her youth, Bridget would dance around her house pretending to be a Ballerina on a stage or acting with her dolls when no one was looking.  On set she knew she belonged behind the camera to write and direct powerful and controversial stories from society to combat injustices, racism, and religious hypocrisy as well as educate on hidden historical truths.

Bridget left her native Virginia in 2012 moving to Texas with her family.  Sadly on October 15, 2018, her life changed forever when her youngest daughter, Jessica a junior in high school died in a tragic accident. In Jessica's memory, Bridget wrote and directed the short film "My Sweet Buttercup".  Based on selections and awards from film festivals for the short screenplay which is a dramatic memoir depicting the reality of grief and has won several festival awards. Bridget is hoping to expand the short into a feature film.  Bridget and her oldest daughter, Jennifer founded the Jessica Marie Brown Book Scholarship shortly after Jessica's death as an everlasting memorial of her precious memory.  

Still writing her way to success, Bridget created Bridget Pervalle Agency to help established and aspiring Screenwriters journey to the mountaintop of their dreams to share their film and television stories.  Though new Bridget wants her Agency to be known for its integrity and compassion for its talent.

Bridget majored in Religion and has taken her love of people and ministry to the screen. As a female filmmaker, Bridget knows her purpose is to share stories of beauty and elegance to audiences across diverse generations, cultures, ethnicity, and faith in hopes of educating minds and change hearts for the better around the world.  Bridget's DNA is a mixing pot of nationalities throughout West Africa and Northern Europe.  Her desire is to write and direct film and TV internationally with no boundaries because of her race, language, or faith.