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When Fake Love Feels Real

By Bridget Pervalle 12/15/2017


There’s some inventor out there

Who I need to encourage along

Hurry up and make a FakeLove barometer

Falling in love is where you share your soul

Letting yourself dive to the deepest depths of

Another love matter

Thought God was included

Yet my lover was a real strickster

He tricked me and reality bruised me

I take full responsibility for not paying attention

Safety measures dived in without

Oxygen or goggles

Too busy holding onto his leg

We dove all the way down down down

Disillusioned by the desire to hear

Those multiple I love just you Bridget

Over and over and over again

What was overlooked is what was

Clearly in front of me

No goggles and couldn’t see

That when I started gasping for air

That I noticed he was fully dressed

Oxygen mask and goggles tight around his ears

My loneliness blinded me and now I hurt again

On my way crawling back to God

To heal me and forgive me for

Again ignoring those warning signs

I so wanted to feel finally what real love is

Real love with no scars bumps broken

My loneliness lead to a place

Where now I can’t breathe

Holding back tears

I take full responsibility

I allowed the enemy to pretend

He pretended with awesomeness

I couldn’t tell the real from the fake one

That’s because I never had real love

I should’ve known it wasn’t real from the beginning

My heart was writing shouting “Girl, it ain’t real” while I was writing

Here I am again wanting to stay in the bed for weeks

My real love was life treating me kindly

We don’t share the same real love stories

Mines is about life embracing me

Maybe yours is Boaz finding you

About to lay down my pen and paper

Forgot they were part of my fighting tools

Got so caught up in finishing the race

That Life so cleverly roamed about

Came in and attempted to devour me

Life you took part of an artery

Was given permission to move around my spine

You biospied a part of my heart years ago

Now all I do in relationships is give an Oscar act

Yet I can assure you quite firmly that

You will NOT steal destroy or kill me

One day soon I’ll rise up again from the ashes

With my beauty

inward and outward

It is not finished

God’s doing a new work in and around me

Only God can give real love

Never once has God gave us fake love

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